Creative Concept Development – Journal 5, 09.27.16

Assigned Readings

The Creative Personality and  Where  is Creativity

by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Summary of the Readings

Link to The Creative Personality and Where is Creativity


Response to the Readings

I feel like his discussion of creativity is really a discussion about the products of creativity. I think everything he says about the socio-cultural context is true. The socio-cultural context determines recognition, but I am not sure it is correct to label the product or recognition of the product as the creativity itself. Of course, this is primarily a semantic argument since everything else he says about the functions of creativity in a system makes perfect sense. I don’t think it matters very much what he calls it.


Class Overview

Understanding system because any system is made up of participants of the system.

Knowing how it works is the first step to becoming a participant of the system.

What is luck? Is it real or just the result of processes?

What is the thing that makes someone “be a star?”


Mockbee  famous architect started a project in a rural south state

Hill County Alabama


The world is a broad thing, as we live and work in it we need to be reflective and engage in those things

Don’t limit to medium,

Focus on ideas, concepts

Not “what” but “where” is creativity


We took a few minutes to draw visual representation of Domain, Field, Individual. Then we put them on the wall to discuss.


Domain – things that exist, set of agreed assumptions and ideas and so forth

Field – the people who are gatekeepers

Individual – using symbols of domain creates new pattern which is selected by the field for inclusion into the domain


Reproduce system within our own minds

Creative Personality


Creative Possibilities

Create a board game based on the creation of creativity. It would make an interesting visual representation. The players would be both the individuals and the gatekeepers of the fields. Maybe they could have some kind of plastic cube that had to be filled with pieces. As they navigate the game board, they would attempt to make their cube solid enough to fit it into a central field. The central field would have to be controlled by some kind of consensus among the players. I think that would be important since the gatekeepers are really just other artists who have been accepted as knowledgeable. Anyone could ultimately be gatekeeper, but any gatekeeper could also be removed if they made bad choices.


Creative Response


This is a Visual Poem in a bottle. The poem is in the words rolled up inside
This is a Visual Poem in a bottle. The poem is in the words rolled up inside

My creative response did not tie in to the readings very closely. I just could not think of anything that tied in with the specific text. Well, I could think of things but I could not think of things I could implement quickly. I ended up doing a creative response about extended memory.

I created a visual poem about my brother. I wrote the poem and inserted it into a crown royal jar. Crown Royale was his thing. I still hate it. I still find the image of the purple velvet bag faintly nauseating. It represents all things chaotic in my life. Donnie, was of course, a chaos addict.

Putting the poem in the jar allowed me to be more honest than I would have been had I believed anyone would ever read it. It let me think about how he continues to exist in my memory in all the good and bad ways that he does. He becomes a piece of my subconscious.

It was an upsetting thing to do. I don’t like exploring tragedy with my art. I really don’t. I feel like I spent enough of my life on negative emotions. I want art to bring out the best in me, not the worst. I don’t want to be identified by my pain. I want to be identified by the good that came from it.

As I write this, I realize the whole thing was even more off topic than it seemed when I did it. That is not good. I don’t think I learn as much when I go that far away from the topic. I will focus on that more next time.

Owen said the colors were a little too bright for the subject matter. I think it made it hard to take seriously (my words not his). That raises an interesting question for me. What matters more, that the meaning is clear to the immediate participants or that it is clear to the viewer?  The color was awesome if you knew my brother and knew me well. It was garish because that is how he was and how he lived. I picked the colors based on the neon green of his motorcycle and the turquoise bright blue that felt like his eyes and the not really blood color was meant to show how unreal it all was to him. He never seemed to be in touch with reality, in touch with consequences. It all made sense. And yet, Owens point is completely true. it is too bright. It isn’t a piece of work that can be taken seriously the way it looks. So while I have made a point for two or three people, IO haven’t explained anything to the random viewer.

Also, the piece was too far off topic. I knew that but I wasn’t sure how big a deal it was. Owen wants us to try and respond to the readings because that is what we are learning. We are learning to take concepts and make them into art. I did that but I didn’t use the reading assigned. I used one from Interactivity.



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