Intermedia Studio Critique – Journal 4, 09.20.16

Class Overview

Owen wasn’t there. We reviewed studio contracts and talked about them again. We were told to rewrite and prepare for the next class.


For Next Class: Prepare Studio Contract, Again


Artist Talk with Heather Dewey-Hagborg

Artist’s Web Page

Heather’s work focuses on the merger or science and art. She questions the nature of privacy and bodily autonomy given today’s advanced technological resources. She creates sculptures using the genetic data left behind by strangers in the city. Her work analyzes known genes and creates possible suggestions of a person’s appearance. She then selects the image she finds most compelling and presents it. Heather does not claim full scientific accuracy. The sculptures do not represent an absolute but rather the possibility of what could be. It is not a condemnation of science but a statement of caution in its application.

I found the work interesting but not deeply compelling. I appreciate that she does not rush to condemnation. I do believe it is important to consider the ethics of what we do with science and technology but that is because I believe that ethics are always important not because I believe that science and technology demands some special consideration. I think that despite all the bad things in this world, we are becoming better. I don’t think we should really be afraid.