Creative Concept Development – Journal 4, 09.20.16

Assigned Readings

Explaining Creativity by R. Keith Sawyer


Summary of the Readings

Reading Notes from 09.13.20


Response to the Readings

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Historical patterns influence the “success” Of an artist’s work as much as the specific biography and psychology of the artist. Sometimes genius alone (or lack of it) is not the defining trait that assigns value to an artist’s work. In short, what the world is ready to appreciate will be appreciated in its time. Those who come too early or too late may be missed. We cannot understand individual art without placing it in its broader historical context.


Class Overview

Since Owen was absent and we did not complete the reading during the last class, we were asked to divide up the sections of the Sawyer book and present to each other and discuss. I was assigned the section on history.


Creative Possibilities

It would be interesting to see an infographic that visually depicts the high and low points of important artist’s careers in relation to the historical context as described in the History section of the book.


Creative Response

None Required



Keith Sawyer: Creativity, Collaboration and Learning

A webpage dedicated to Keith Sawyer as a speaker and leader in the fields of Creativity and Collaborative Work


University of North Carolina, School of Education

Keith Sawyer’s Faculty Profile and a description of his work in education



The Creativity Myth

Discussion with Dr. Keith Sawyer about the Myths of Creativity

Keith Sawyer, The Power of Collaboration

A Seven minute discussion on the power of collaboration.

3 Minute History of Art

It is always nice to have a fast overview.