Intermedia Studio Critique – Journal, 09.13.16

Class Overview

We spent this class going over potential studio plans. Each person spoke separately, but there were some common themes.


Focus on concepts first!

Organize Time

Make sure you get things completed. Have a set start and end point.

Consider ideas that are important to you.

Try new things.

Consider multiple small projects.

Establish end points, but break projects into multiple semesters as needed.

Plan for training as needed.


For Next Class: Prepare Studio Contract


Artist Talk with Amy Stacy Curtis

Amy’s Website

Biography About Amy


I really enjoyed Amy’s talk. She is a very approachable artist. It was nice to feel like part of a conversation even when listening to a presentation.


The work strikes me as quite similar to a scientist with an experiment. She sets up a sequence of installations that guide the viewer through her ideas. The viewer is a little like a mouse in a maze. They may not even be aware of the experiment they are involved in. That is not to say that the viewer is not engaged. They are engaged in figuring out how to act on the art surrounding them. She leaves instructions for the participants but she does not interfere with them very much once they begin. If she sets things up perfectly and she writes perfect instructions and accounts for all the possible variations of human nature and abilities, then everything goes as planned. If there are any deviations in the plan, it may generate spontaneous results. I did not get the impression that spontaneity was undesirable but rather that it simply informs her process and refines her thinking.


Each work is exactingly planned and orchestrated. There is an incredible amount of detail in everything that she does. It is a significant display of patience and self-control. perhaps it is also an expression of her need to control her physical world. If so, it is certainly a productive and beautiful coping method.


Amy has completed 8 of 9 installations. She is scheduled to present the 9th very soon. Hopefully I will get to go and see it myself.


Visiting Amy Stacy Curtis’s Exhibit on Monday, 10.17.16

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