Intermedia Studio Critique I

Tuesday, 09.07.16

Introductory Pecha Kucha

Title: Memory, “Insight through words and visions”

Creative Statement

The Introductory Pecha Kucha Presentation combines abstract visual images with literary text and my own writing to represent the emotional structure of my memories. A person’s story cannot be constructed through a recitation of chronological events. It is not the events but our response to them that defines us. Emotional responses are highly complex. The greatest artists of history have struggled and worked and created, produced and refined over and over to express them. Borrowing words lends me the power of the original authors. Memory is distorted, reflected back and distorted again in each recall. Visions of the abstract capture the ephemeral quality of memory. The recombination of words and images come together to form an impression of a mind at work.