Intermedia Studio Critique – Journal, 09.06.16

The class was spent presenting and observing the Pecha Kucha. We began with the second year students. Then the first year students presented. It was a somewhat draining class since it required such extended and intent focus.

My presentation went fairly well. There was a technical glitch in the beginning so I skipped a few words to try and compensate but ended up a little ahead of where I was supposed to be. I don’t think it was an error in my planning. I think I could have synced it up if I had started it correctly. Otherwise it went smoothly.

The presentation seemed to be well received. I was asked to explain the creative process. I did not exactly follow a traditional plan so I was glad to get a chance to explain why I chose not to. I will write about that and put up a creative statement to go with the presentation on this site.

Note: I need to learn more about writing good creative statements

The other student presentations were good. These are a few things I particularly noted.

Alicia’s maps were beautifully integrated. I like the idea of her studies. I never really considered it before, but maps do help to define our social context.

Eleanor did a lovely acrylic painting that seemed very watercolor-like.

Jim is a great photographer. His children are beautiful and the metaphor of children as progenitors of parents was nice.

Virgina was nervous but shouldn’t be. She has a dramatic flair that comes out in her art. It was much as I expected. Full of energy, challenging, unselfconscious.

Steve was a graphic designer and it shows. His presentation was very clean and aesthetically pleasing. We also heard some of his music, which I am very very sorry to say I didn’t get but I tried very hard!

For Next Class: Continue with Twyla Tharp book. Prepare for Studio Contract