The Interactive Paradigm – Journal, 08.31.16

Class Notes

The first day of class was primarily an introduction. There are only three students in the class so it is  more of a seminar than a class. Everyone got to know each other. We discussed the nature of the class, went over the syllabus and reviewed the reading list. The reading list looks extremely interesting.

The class will “define and contextualize the word ‘interactive.'”

“We live in an interactive paradigm.”

paradigm = worldview

  1. monotheistic worldview = a determinant universe

Quotes from NB Aldrich

                     “We’ve already made enough stuff.” followed by a discussion of the Nacirema.

                     “It is not enough for art to just express ourselves. It has to contribute.”

                     “Variation is perception.”

                     “Stasis is not possible, practical or useful.”

                     “artistic white-out – no up from down, no variation, don’t know where we are”

                     “Art is a model for what is important in the world.”

                     “Good art provokes people into understanding. Bad art confuses”

                     “Objectify your ideas. Your ideas are not you.”

                     “All you know is what you know and that is a very small subset of what is.”

We discussed “Cognitive Dissonance” and the possibility of “Cognitive Diffidence.”

We also discussed “Game Theory” which I think I will do some additional reading on. (Game Theory Explained)

Jim made the comment that parent/child relationships can be repetitive rather than interactive because circumstances do not provoke change. Patterns simply repeat over and over


The lack of interactivity in conservative paradigms is important. It relates back to complaints have made for many years about the dangerous immutability of conservative culture. That dogged refusal to change is one of the most destructive forces in society. It is something I like to address in my art.