Destin Black

Wearable Art

Denim Jeans and Messenger Bag


Creative Statement

“Things That Are Cool” and “You Are Here”

                “Here I am.” Art is a statement of self. Wearing it is a great big advertisement that tells the world what you think, what you know, what you love and who you are. It is one thing to pick out the your clothes and make a fashion statement to express your mood for the day. It is entirely more to etch the statement into permanence. Even when it is silly, wearable art is expressive.

“Things that are Cool” are ordinary blue jeans painted with acrylic paint and fabric additive. Painting with the fabric additive is what makes precision and blending of colors possible. It also helps the paint remain flexible enough to endure wear and gentle washing. The images painted on the jeans are, of course, all the things that are in the nerdy-science-fiction-loving,-book reading-adventurer-world, cool.

“You Are Here” is a little different. The techniques are the same but it is much smaller. It is a messenger bag created for my mother during a difficult period of her life. She had expressed desire to have something like the blue jeans I painted, but blue jeans would not fit her lifestyle. I painted the messenger bag. I also sewed several different felt aliens and presented them in a chain with the bag. The aliens were to be given away as gifts to the deserving admirers who were “cool enough.” The bag was made for her as a reminder not only of who I am, as the artist, but who she is, in the self that she does not show. This is summed up when you look closely at the small, blue swirl of the planet earth. In tiny letters it says “You are here.”

  • No copy write infringement is intended when painting familiar characters in the great Nerd Cannon.