Destin Black

University of Maine, Intermedia Graduate Studies


To Do List

Try and make a list of student and faculty websites

Figure out how to upload audio files to make my voice database and put it on wordpress. Add two to Concepts Journal.

Find and Add Vimeo Links!


About This Site

This is my first year at the University of Maine in the Intermedia Department. I will use this website to keep up with my projects over the next few years.

When I made my portfolio to apply to the Intermedia program at University of Maine, I was terribly unprepared. I had given away most of my work. I did not even have good records of it. It never occurred to me that I would need it later. That is never happening again. I am going to record everything I do for the next two years. Next time someone asks me to do something like that, I will be ready.

I already keep a private journal. I am just adding my school activities to it in more detail. The posts on this site probably won’t come in any specific order for a while. I am going to go back and add things as I think of them. The goal is to get as much information on my creative work as I possibly can.


Some of these records and activities may be password protected to preserve privacy. Please E-mail me to request access.

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